Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do we sleep?

A: In classrooms. Each person will bring an air mattress, cot, and/or sleeping bag/pillow and sleep with the same gender from their church group.



Q: Where do we shower?

A: In shower trailers. These are the perfect “missional” shower time that you will enjoy and never forget. Individual trailers and stalls for each gender.



Q: What are our mission projects like?

A: You will be with your church group at one of many mission opportunities around town, such as leading VBS in small churches, Participating in Bible Clubs and local apartment ministries, hands-on work such as painting, yard work etc. at various ministries, as well work as projects in the local public school system.  We will coordinate with you ahead of your arrival to help match your group with a missions opportunity that fits your group’s gifts and maturity level.


Q: How do we get to our mission sites?

A: You will take your own church transportation to and from mission sites each day.



Q: Will we have a concession stand or snack shack set up to eat during free time and after service each night?

A: Yes! There will be pizza, nachos, hamburgers, milkshakes, candy, drinks, etc for anybody.



Q: What will the services be like?

A: Our services will be centered on bringing glory to Jesus and the preaching of the Word of God. Our praise team will lead us a variety of music designed to point people to Jesus, followed by a stirring message from a very popular Pastor and Teacher.

After each service, we will have “church meetings” where your group will gather and “unpack” the sermon, share testimonies, and discuss events of the day.



Q: Will there be nearby stores?

A: Yes, you will be a 5 minute drive from a Walmart, Kroger grocery store, Walgreens, and other local shops.


Q: Will there be medical help if needed?

A: Yes, we will have two registered nurses on staff for the entire week.